Giant blue whale tail

Blue whale is still our prime cetacean in the Channel

2017 09-01 SB Channel

Giant blue whales are still our prime cetaceans in the Santa Barbara Channel.  Today we closely watched 8* blue whales and 750 long- beaked common dolphins.  Skies were sunny, the ocean was glassy, and the water was Santa Barbara cobalt blue clear.

Captain Dave headed directly back to the blue whale grounds which have been so productive over the past two weeks.  Along the route, near Platform Habitat, the first group of dolphins located the Condor Express as is slowed down to watch them.  The sun, water clarity and calm surface greatly enhanced this encounter.

Continuing on towards the giants, a larger pod of dolphins was observed on the edge of The Lanes with similar results.  By now dolphin selfies or “delfies,” were catching on.  These animals were stretched out over a 1-mile long feeding line.

Later, deeper into The Lanes, the huge spouts from the blue whales served as sign posts for our interaction with the blue whales.  There were 8 giants in this first group, and dives were deeper/longer than yesterday.

After the first whales were encountered, Dave ran along the northeastern coast of Santa Cruz Island and put the Condor inside beautiful Potato Harbor.

On the way home we came into another hot area and watched 2 more blue whales (*which may have been part of the earlier group) and 75 additional dolphins.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express