08/10/09 Whale Count

Today on the Condor Express we watched 15 Blue Whales, 8 Humpback Whales, and 1 Minkie Whale.Weather is perfect, and the sightings were GREAT!! What a fabulous time to go Whale Watching! For Reservations please call 1-888-77- Whale                                            1-888-779-2423 Thank you,Capt Mat

08/07/09 Whale Count

Today on the Condor Express the weather was perfect and the whale watching was better!!We watched 7 Blue Whales, 3 Humpback Wales (1 very active, great show), and 50 Common Dolphins. For Reservations Call 1-888-77-Whale                                 1-888-779-2423 Thank you,Capt Mat

08/06/09 Whale Count

Today was a bit windy, but we still had good whale sightings. With 6 Blue Whales (1 mom and baby), 3 Humpback Whales (1 very active), 100 Common Dolphins and 15 Rissos Dolphins.Great Whale Watching. For reservations please call 1-888-77-WHALE  

Whale Watching 08/04

What a wonderful day on the water. We watched Blue and Humpback Whales feeding all around the boat. When they feed on the surface its called lunge feeding and it is an awesome display of natural behavior rarely seen. We probably had twenty whales all around the boat, what a trip! Come whale watching with us: 805 882 0088   …

07/31/09 Whale count

Today on the Condor Express was another Great Day!! We watched 7 Blue Whales ( with 1 mother and baby),  a mother and baby Finn Whale, 2 Humpback Whales, 1 Minke Whale, and 1,000 Common Dolphins.We had great weather so, It's a Good time to come out Whale Watching. For reservation call 1-888-77-WHALE                            1-888-779-2423 Thank you,Capt Mat

Whale Watching 7/29

What a great day of whale watching. We went to Santa Rosa Island and found a mother and calf Blue Whale. What a special treat! Later we watched four Humpback Whales and everyone enjoyed the trip. One the way home we found plenty of friendly Common Dolphins. Great day! Reservations call 805-882-0088   2 Blue Whales (Mother & Calf)   …

Whale Watching 7/27

Another great day off beautiful Santa Rosa Island. We watched several Blue Whales all around the boat, wonderful sightings. A very large pod of Common Dolphins came to the boat for an exciting visit and even led us to a Humpback Whale. Well, the Humpback began breeching and we watched an amazing display of jump after jump of this beautiful …

07/26/09Whale Count

Today was a great day with 7 blue whales 1 albino blue whale 8 humpback whales and 500 common dolphins weather was great and so were the whale Fro reservations please call 1888-779-2423Thanks capt mat

July 23, 09 Whale count

Today on the Condor Express we watched 5 Humpback Whales, 5 Blue Whales and 20 Rissos Dolphins, with many more whales in the area. For reservations please call 1-888-77- WHALE                                         1-888-779-2423 Thank you,Capt Mat

Whale Watching 7/21/09

What a great day with Blue Whales. We watched several whales off the coast of Santa Rosa Island. A pair of Blue Whales surfaced close to the boat and the passengers were treated to an up close view of the largest creature on earth! We also watched hundreds of Common Dolphins as they played with the boat. Painted cave and Santa …