07/19/09 Whale count

Today we had 50 Rissos Dolphins  we have not seen these guys for about 2 months  we also had 3 humpbacks and 2 blues and 1000 common dolphins for reservations call 805-882-0088 Also check out photos at condorexpressphotos . com

07/17/09 Whale Count

Today on the Condor Express we watched 8 Blue Whales, 4 Humpbacks, and 3,000 Common Dolphins. There were many more Whales in the area, we estimate 30 more that we did not watch, a great time to go Whale Watching. For Reservations call 805-882-0088 Thank you,Capt Mat

July 15,09 Whale Count

Today on the Condor Express was an EPIC DAY! We watched 10 Humpback Whales, lung feeding, 1 Blue Whale, 3,000 Common Dolphins, and well over 20,000 Shearwaters, (birds), in flat calm conditions.A Great Time to go Whale Watching!! Thank you,Capt Mat For Reservations please call 805-882-0088

Whale Sightings 7/14

Another great day of whale watching. We watched several Humpback andBlue Whales off the west end of Santa Cruz Island. The painted cavewas beautiful with bright sunshine at the islands. We enjoyed calmseas and watched a large pod of Common Dolphin as well. The Blues andHumpbacks are here and it's the best time to come whale watching withus! Reservations 805-882-0088 …

Whale Sightings

Another amazing day on the Santa Barbara Channel. We found the same friendly Humpback Whale we watched yesterday. The whale stayed with the boat for over an hour and was so close at times we felt we could reach out and touch it! We headed for Santa Cruz Island and the painted cave and found more Humpbacks and a Blue …

Whale Sightings 7/12

What a great day of whale watching. We first found a very friendly Humpback Whale that played with the boat for over an hour, including a huge breech! We also watched Blue whales lunge feeding on the surface, what a spectacular show!   We are concerned that the Blue Whales are feeding in the shipping lanes. We hope this does …

Whale Sightings

Great Whale Watching!   3Humpbacks. Mother & Calf.   1Blue Whale   500Common Dolphin   Wonderful day at sea., first we found a huge pod of dolphins and then three humpbacks including a mother and calf . The humbacks were very friendly and we all enjoyed the show. We went in search for the giant blue whales and found them. …

07/08/09 whale count

Today the weather was perfect and the whales were great we watched 3 blue whales,3 humpback whales and 500 common dolphins For reservations call 882-0088

07/07/09 whale count

Today we watched 2 humpback whales 2 blue whales and 200 common dolphins For reservations please call 882-0088

Whale Sightings

3 Humpback Whales! 800 Common Dolphin! What a wonderful day! Reservations call 805-882-0088