Gray whale calf playing in the kelp beds.

Good fun ! Loads of baby gray whales and dolphins too.

2017 04-16 SB Coast

Captain Eric reports that three trips left the docks in Santa Barbara harbor and worked the coastline up to the west.  Totals for the day included: 12 gray whales and 5 bottlenose dolphins. There was great weather and good fun.

9 am
The first gray whale was a single, shy whale that kept back-tracking and kept Eric and his crew on their toes.  Luckily, by the time the Condor Express was at the far edge of Hope Ranch a nice mother-calf gray whale pair was located.  Brilliant views were obtained before we headed back in.

12 noon
As we left the harbor and headed west 5 coastal bottlenose dolphins left the kelp beds and greeted the boat.  They played around us for a while until we continued our westerly track.  Along the cliffs, near the Boathouse restaurant, another mother-calf gray whale pair were watched.

3 pm
At Leadbetter Beach two small gray whale juveniles were spotted and proved hard to watch due to their random swimming pattern.  We continued west and located a much nicer pair of the great Isla Vista kelp forest.  This pair was another mother-calf duo and provided fantastic looks.  Good fun was had by all.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express