Scarlet the humpback whale

Scarlet got real friendly

2017 09-13 SB Channel

One of the six humpback whales we closely watched today stole the show.  More will be written on that subject later in this report.  In addition to the humpback whales, over 2,000 long-beaked common dolphins and 250 California sea lions were watched.  Skies were clear and sunny.  Sea conditions were fantastic.

Captain Dave and his crew ran west-southwest and in the mid-Channel region, off UCSB the first dolphins located the boat.  Dave says the dolphins were with the boat all day, non-stop from this point.  Also present were five humpback whales that were spread out across the zone.

Our next stop was an informed discourse and tour of the northwestern sea cliffs of Santa Cruz Island.  This tour included a brief look inside the world-famous Painted Cave.

After leaving The Cave, Dave ran west, still surrounded by dolphins.  Before long the Condor Express crew located a mob of at least 250 California sea lions that may have been feeding deep below the surface.  The mob rose to the surface together and dove into the depths together.

Scarlet, the friendly humpback whale

On the way home the dolphins continued and a single humpback was located.  The whale was small, but quickly recognized the Condor Express.  It turned out that this friendly whale was Scarlet, our pal.  Scarlet came over and ran through a repertoire of her behaviors for the benefit of her fans on the boat.  One of these behaviors was a vertical pirouette while nearly third of the body (head) was out of the water.  Scarlet also vocalized quite a bit.  After a close and monstrous tail throw, Dave decided it was time to leave the zone for home.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express