Gray whale tail flukes

Seven gray whale sightings

2017 03-17 SB Coast

Our Irish captain named Dave ran an epic adventure on St. Paddy’s Day along the Santa Barbara Coast.  By the time he steered the O’Condor Express home, the crew had wracked-up an impressive seven gray whale sightings on a day when the fog was problematic at times.

The first whale was a small one and popped up next to the boat as we were watching the California sea lions in the innermost buoy.  There was patchy fog with about ½- mile visibility at the time.  We pulled away when this whale sounded only to have it breach three times in a row behind the boat, just a hundred yards away, near the break wall.

The fog lifted for a little while and things were bathed in hazy sunshine when a trio of whales came up near More Mesa, and a fourth whale in shallow came into view as the fog closed-in again.  Dave turned to look for dolphins west of More Mesa, but, again, there was nearly zero visibility.

On the way home another pair of whales came close and everyone got great looks and we ended up with seven gray whale sightings.  Wow.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express