10 giant blue whales and 1000 dolphins

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Common dolphins are seen surfing a large open ocean swell.

2020 09-13 SB Channel East

Sea conditions were glassy and calm near the mainland, but breezy and choppy out near the land of the giants. Skies had a high layer of mixed stratus and smoke. Captain Colton and his crew located 10 giant blue whales and 1000 long-beaked common dolphins today.

Starting around 4 miles offshore, common dolphin groups kept locating the Condor Express. The first groups were found in extremely clear, blue, Santa Barbara cobalt waters. This enabled dolphin lovers to see down into the underwater realm and activities of the dolphins. Wow!

The land of the giants remained stationary and has not moved more than a few miles during the past week. The whales were feeding subsurface and grouped in pairs for the most part. A few surfaced right next to the boat. Others showed their wide tail flukes.  All the whales appeared to be large adults today.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry
Condor Express, and

Captain Dave has announced a second 8-hour whale watch due to the success of last month’s adventure. Whales of many species, several kinds of dolphins, sharks Mola mola, pelagic birds, gelatinous animals…who knows what Mother Nature has in store? Mark your calendar for Saturday September 26. The trip departs promptly at 8am and returns sometime after 4pm. Sign up at: www.condorexpress.com   Hope to see you on board.

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