Socializing and rolling around: northbound gray whales.

10 gray whales and a HUGE pod of bottlenose dolphins

2019 03-07 SB Channel

Two trips left Santa Barbara Harbor today, the first at noon and the second at 3pm.  Captain Dave and his crew found a light breeze on the water but gorgeous views of the Channel scenery and wonderful mammal sightings.  Totals for the day include 10 gray whales and 55 inshore bottlenose dolphins closely watched.  NOTE:  the gray whales were 10 different individuals, but the dolphins were part of the same pod of about 30 individuals (very large pod!) that we saw twice, once on each trip.

The noon trip located 7 whales that were spread out over a one mile stretch of coastline starting around the lighthouse.  These were wonderful whales to watch and the sighting included some rolling around and social behavior.  The whales were joined by a visiting pod of coastal dolphins (see notes above).  It is always fun to watch two species interacting.

The afternoon adventure found the same huge group of bottlenose dolphins and a single group of 3 juvenile whales off Leadbetter Beach. The whales were frequent flukers and fun to watch.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
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