2500 dolphins, 9+ humpback whales and one giant breach.

Bob Perrywhale watching california

Breaching humpback whale in the Santa Barbara Channel.

2019 08-29 SB Channel

No fog!  Skies were clear and sunny all day.  Although there were winds in the south Channel, we found all the life we could possibly watch in the northern regions…much closer to shore.  Seas in our zone were calm and glassy.  Sightings today included 9+ humpback whales and 2500 long-beaked common dolphins. Our fantastic humpback/dolphin summer lives on!

As was reported yesterday, the first groups of dolphins located the Condor Express about 5 miles south of The Mesa, and after that it was non-stop.  Whales and dolphins mixed together again today and the sight of it does not get old.

Following yesterdays “script,” our first whales were near Platform Holly, just past the UCSB campus.  There were two independent whales at first, and one was a huge female.  After closely watching her for a while, she let loose a massive breach just off our stern.  Whoa! 

Later there were groups of 2 and 3 whales at a time.  At one point a very friendly whale diverted from its path and made a bee-line to the Condor.  It came and looked us over 2 or 3 times, then resumed its course.  Whoa, again!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express, and