28 Gray Whales and More…

Bob Perrybottlenose dophins, common dolphins, gray whale migration, gray whales, Santa Barbara Channel, whale watching california

Although there was a slight haze layer in the sky today, the sea conditions continued to be amazing.   Like yesterday, it was flat, mirror-glass on the surface all day long.  This provided a spectacular backdrop for watching 28 northbound migrating gray whales.  Great looks and mellow seas…what a nice treat!

On the 9am adventure we watched 10 gray #whales as they moved through the glass in a way that you could see every concentric ripple they caused by their movements.  About 40 long-beaked common dolphins joined the fun and near the beach we also watched 3 inshore bottlenose dolphins on this morning trip.  The noon trip brought us 9 additional gray whales among which was a quad-pod made of two pairs that fluked up on every dive.  At noon we also had the pleasure of keeping company with at least 200 long-beaked common #dolphins. The grande finale was our late afternoon, 3 pm, endeavor.  We watched 9 more gray whales in the warm afternoon lighting.  As the sun was sinking into the horizon, one whale breached six times in a row.  You can’t ask for a better day in the Santa Barbara Channel or anywhere fine California whale watching takes place every day of the year.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express