A Bald Eagle tops off a great trip.

Bob Perrybirding, whale watching cruise

You don’t stay the number one whale watch captain by missing anything. And today Captain Mat was on fire! There were great sea conditions in the Channel and it’s supposed to be even nicer this Saturday and Sunday. Capt Mat used the conditions and his keen sense of whaledar to put the Condor Express near 7 surface lunge feeding humpback whales. This tremendous feeding was helped by at least 2,500 common dolphins that worked the anchovy balls into humpback-sized mouthfuls. After a great session observing these active humpback whales, Mat steered a course to nearby Santa Cruz Island, and that’s where the bald eagle was observed.

Wow. What a great trip.

This Saturday and Sunday our trips will run on a slightly earlier schedule. We depart at 8am sharp and return as close to 1230 as possible. Saturday is a great chance to go whale watching and then visit the nearby Santa Barbara Ocean Festival.

Hope to see you there.
Bob Perry
Condor Express