Two trips today – a humpback whale goes crazy on the afternoon trip

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daily Whale and Dolphin Report: TWO TRIPS TODAY !

Here are the species we watched closely today:

4 Blue Whales
11 Humpback Whale
2000 Common Dolphins (see special notes below)

3 Blue whales
16 Humpback whale (see notes below)

On the morning adventure, while watching whales out on the feeding grounds, we spotted a massive feeding frenzy with birds diving and mammals everywhere. It turned out to be a large aggregation of long beaked common dolphins feeding on a huge school of mackerel. Sea lions and various sea birds joined in the banquet…it was a spectacle to observe.

On the afternoon trip, we were actively watching a blue whale alongside the Condor Express, but out about 50 yards, when a humpback whale breached between us and the blue whale. Wow. The humpback then proceeded to carry on and make a lot of fuss performing tail throws and lob-tails many times. Everyone was thrilled and amazed.

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Bob Perry