A whale swam in circles.

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A gray whale in the Santa Barbara Channel

2022 01-12 SB Channel

It was cool day in the Channel with a high stratus layer and very calm seas. Sightings included 1 Pacific gray whale and 800 long-beaked common dolphins. The crew also removed 1 deflated, Mylar, helium balloon from the ocean surface.

A small pod of dolphins located the Condor Express about 3 miles outbound from Santa Barbara Harbor. We had great looks and continue south towards beautiful Santa Cruz Island. South of The Lanes, and closer to the island, we found several hundred additional dolphins.

Captain Dave gave a short tour of the sea cliffs and grottos along the north face of the island and we saw the entrance to the world’s longest sea cave, the Painted Cave. We headed west and left the Cave in our wake.

Near the west end of Santa Cruz, a single adult whale was located and watched. Although on its southbound migration the whale looped back and made a few circular deviations from its path towards Baja California…they don’t actually swim straight to their destination.

On the trip home we found a few hundred more dolphins.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express, and

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