Amazing cetacean sightings.

Bob Perryblue whale, blue whales, common dolphins, Condor Express, fin whale, humpback whale, Santa Barbara Channel

A fin whale dorsal fin - like those seen today in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Captain Eric and the crew of the Condor Express had some amazing cetacean sightings with perfect conditions in the Santa Barbara Channel today.  Totals for the day included: 1 humpback whale, 1 *blue whale, 6** fin whales, and 1700 long-beaked common dolphins.

Starting about 4 miles out from the harbor, pods containing several hundred dolphins were distributed across the Channel.  Many were very actively moving and spending a lot of time in the air.

Deckhand Tasha located some very tall spouts to the south and our time with the great whales soon began.  Near The Lanes there were numerous fin whales sighted.  Although 6 were reported as closely watched, **many more were seen in the distance.  Blue whales were also *seen in the distance, although we closely watched one giant.  A single humpback whale was encountered logging on the surface.  As it “woke up,” it rolled around near the boat and was friendly.

What amazing cetacean sightings today!  We have a regular trip running tomorrow 10am to 230pm.


Bob Perry
Condor Express