Among 8 closely watched humpbacks, a mother and her calf stole the show.

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Humpback whales are not vegetarians (No whales are). But they sure like to play around in the detached, drifting kelp paddies.

2021 10-10 SB Channel – East

Calm seas, sunny skies and plenty of wildlife made today’s adventure a memorable one. The trip worked a hot region located 4 or 5 miles north of the beautiful eastern end of Santa Cruz Island. Sightings included: 1 Minke whale, 8 humpback whales and 4000 long-beaked common dolphins. The crew also removed one collapsed, floating, helium, Mylar balloon from the ocean surface.

Ten miles out from Santa Barbara Harbor, on a course aimed at the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island, the first pods of dolphins began to locate the Condor Express. This is always fun and always a two way “meet-and-greet.” Never missing a rideable wave on the ocean, these fierce surfing mammals rode our bow, side and stern waves.  Not long after this encounter the crew spotted and removed the deadly balloon.

A large hot spot full of at least 2000 dolphin, loads of seabirds, and 5 humpback whales was encountered north of The Lanes adjacent to the east end of the island. All the feeding action was subsurface, but as for the whales, this meant lts of nice tail flukes were visible.

Captain Dave took a short narrated coastal tour of the island’s eastern shoreline, and eventually went into lovely Potato Harbor for a closer look. Island hikers waved at us from the top of the cliffs.

On the way home we found 3 additional humpback whales. We watched 1 adult and a mother/calf pair. Mom and her calf did quite a bit of kelping, and “junior” practiced its lob-tailing. We also had a fleeting look at a nice Minke whale, too.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express, and

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