An abundance of humpback whales.

Bob Perryblue whale, dolphin, humpback whale, minke whale

July 31, 2012:
We are seeing a great abundance of humpback whales all together with a few blue whales on their feeding grounds. In addition there have been common dolphins every day as well

Here are the species we watched closely today:

7 Humpback Whales (more in the binocular range)

1 Blue Whale

3,000 Common Dolphins

3 shy Minke Whales

20 Ocean sunfish (Mola mola)

It was glassy calm all day today with light overcast skies. We encountered at least 8 different pods of common dolphins, some with large numbers, some small. Out on the feeding grounds, despite marginal visibility, we closely watched several groups of humpback whales. Groups of 2 and 3 were common, as was a singleton whale. One blue whale came through heading west, but was fun for all to see.

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Best fishes, have a WHALE of a day and OCEANS of fun!

Bob Perry