Barbara saves the whale watching day !

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It isn’t often that anyone can surpass the super-human whale spotting abilities of Captain Mat and Captain Dave, but today was different. We were out on the south side of the Channel whale watching in moderately rough seas along the subsurface island shelf break known as “The Ledge.” Captain Mat was using all his God given talent and training, but there were apparently no whales in the area. Mat takes this stuff seriously. He knows his passengers have often come from all over the Earth to be on board the world’s best whale watching boat. So if he doe not find them, it probably means he won’t sleep at night and he can get a mild cranky disposition until the whales are seen.

Today our long time friend and expert CINC naturalist, Barbara, pulled a blue whale spout out of the area when nobody else could, not even old eagle eyes himself, Captain Mat. It was a great sighting of the largest animal to every live on the planet. Mat was relieved and the passengers were thrilled.

In addition we saw one ocean sunfish or Mola mola and approximately 2,000 common dolphins.

Thanks for your help, Barbara!

Bob Perry
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