Basking sharks! Whales! Sea lions!

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Dorsal fin of a basking shark in the Santa Barbara Channel.

2022 04-25 SB Coast

It was a nice afternoon for watching wildlife, as a single public trip left the docks at 3p. Sightings included 7 humpback whales, 500 California sea lions and 3 basking sharks.

We don’t see basking sharks too often, and certainly their abundance is not like “the old days.”  We were about 3 miles south of Hendry’s Beach when we spotted a pair, then another single shark. Astoundingly, they were boat friendly and one of them spent nearly 5 minutes hanging out directly under our bow for all to see.

Later, Captain Devin moved the Condor Express about 1 mile southwest of the sharks and located an area rich with seabirds, sea lions and humpback whales. First, we watched a pair, then had a quick look at a 3rd whale. Finally, there were four more whales, including the same mother and calf pair we watched yesterday. The little calf got close enough for some nice whale selfies.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry
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