More gray whale calves. More humpback action. Dolphins too!

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A gray whale calf lifts its head and lets us see its eye and mouth along the Santa Barbara coast.

2021 04-10 SB CHANNEL Skies were mostly sunny during both the 9a and 12n public whale watching trips, with little to no wind. The overnight gales once again left us a residual bump on the water coming down the Channel from the west. Nevertheless, Captain Colton and his crew located 9 gray whales, 3+ humpback whales, 25 coastal bottlenose dolphins … Read More

The mom-calf parade begins! …and humpbacks too.

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A gray whale calf cavorts near Santa Barbara.

Two public whale watching excursions left the docks today. Skies were clear all day and winds were negligible. However, as has been the case this week, it does blow hard in the Channel at night, so on the morning trips it has been a little bumpy until things calm down. The good news: the sightings are still phenomenal. Today we … Read More

Sea lion mobs serve as humpback whale sentinels; Gray whales, porpoise and more.

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California sea lion mobs in the Santa Barbara Channel.

2021 04-07 SB CHANNEL Three trips left the dock today, 9a, 12n and 3p. Skies were clear in the morning, got a bit overcast at noon, and cleared again as the wind finally showed up in the late afternoon. Seas were moderately choppy, from the west, all day. Sightings were good: 6 humpback whales, 2 gray whales, 3 Dall’s porpoise … Read More

Humpbacks, a gray whale and lots of offshore bottlenose dolphins

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The tracks of our two trips today courtesy of

2021 04-06 SB CHANNEL Strong afternoon and evening winds were absent for our two whale watch trips today (9a and 12n), but the sea surface had a distracting residual bump from the high winds overnight. Skies were hazy but sunny with a few small clouds here and there. Sightings included: 2 humpback whales, 1 gray whale and 20 offshore bottlenose … Read More

A humpback, lots of gray whales including our 1st cow-calf pair of the season!

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A large ocean sunfish (Mola mola) in the Santa Barbara Channel.

2021 04-05 SB CHANNEL Clear skies, calm winds and a moderate bump on the 9a trip made sightings easy until the middle of the 12n excursion when the wind picked up west of Platform Holly. Sightings included 7 gray whales, 1+ humpback whales, 200+ California sea lions and 1 ocean sunfish (Mola mola). The first sighting of the day was … Read More

Lots of gray whales, a few humpbacks a friendly Minke and a mob of sea lions

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Coastal gray whales heading towards their Alaskan feeding grounds.

2021 04-04 SB CHANNEL Captain Dave and his crew completed three public whale watching tours today at 9a, 12n, and 3p. It was partly sunny all day and seas had a light to moderate west wind chop. Sightings for the day included: 11 gray whales, 3 humpback whales, 1 Minke whale and 60 California sea lions.  On the morning run, … Read More

15 humpbacks and 50 Dall’s porpoise.

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A friendly humpback whale.

2021 04-02 SB CHANNEL A bumpy ocean with dense fog transitioned to calm seas and sunny skies. Captain Colton and his crew conducted 3 excursions today:  9a, 12n and 3p. Sightings were consistent with the past week…phenomenal: 15 humpback whales and 50 Dall’s porpoise. A single humpback was a “morning miracle,” having been spotted after a slow trek up the … Read More

3 types of dolphins and 14+ humpback whales.

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A humpback throws its tail in the Santa Barbara Channel.

2010 04-01 SB CHANNEL Under sunny skies and with glassy, calm seas all day, Captain Colton and his crew guided a trio of whale-watching excursions today: 9a, 12n and 3p. As has been our record the past week or so, the sightings were phenomenal:  14+ humpback whales, 50 long-beaked common dolphins, 100 coastal bottlenose dolphins, and 300 offshore bottlenose dolphins. … Read More