El Niño and Whales

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  Regular readers of our sightings reports may be wondering why there has been a lack of posts so far in 2016.  The new year has begun with a series of long-awaited El Niño related storms.   Each of these storms has generated very large ocean swells and strong winds.   Not exactly ideal wildlife watching conditions.  So it is that the … Read More

Amazing Orca Encounter On Video

Scott Molesworthamazing ocean, beauty of the ocean, killer whale, orca, whale watching california

[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”vbh6qg8H3CY”]   “We wanted to share this incredible video of an Orca encounter that a couple took on their vacation to Mexico. It is so fun to see what these incredible animals will do, and how they interact for fun in the wild. This was a pod of about 20 Orcas and they followed this small dive boat … Read More