First Day of Island Whale Season hits the Jackpot !

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  First Day of Island Whale Season hits the Jackpot !   12 humpback whales were closely watched today in a wide transect across the Santa Barbara Channel.  The first 3 were encountered not too far offshore and these were amazingly friendly (see Capt. Eric’s photo above).  These whales were so intrigued by the Condor Express that they tried to … Read More

Gray whale mom’s and calves AND dolphins all day long

Bob Perryblue whales, bottlenose dophins, Condor Express, gray whale migration, gray whale mother and calf

Gray whale mom’s and calves AND dolphins all day long Go east!  And east it was.  No less than 3 different gray whale mother-calf pairs were watched as they each paraded along the edge of the kelp forest.  We ran down past Monticeto to Summerland ad escorted these pairs all the way.  At Summerland a big pod of at least … Read More

Blue water – blue whales

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Captain Mat reports a nice sunny day in the Santa Barbara Channel today, with exceedingly clear water. There were five blue whales sighted today, and the view of these blue majestic beasts seen beneath the crystal water was very special. Everyone was thrilled. About 1,000 common dolphins were also observed throughout the trip. And the “icing on the cake” was … Read More

Blue whales and more !!

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4 Blue whales 3 Minke whales 2 Humpback whales 2,500 common dolphins Captain Mat had a dilemma this morning. Should we run west where we had all those humpback whales and dolphins near Platform Hondo yesterday? or should we gamble and try the island shelf break and see if any blue whales have showed up yet? Using his decades of … Read More

8 Humpbacks Whales + 1 Blue Whale = Fun for All

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The old sea captain Mat amazed all on board the Condor Express today with his “whaledar” (internal whale locating radar). Mat steered the boat into a platoon of 8 actively surface feeding humpbacks, which in itself is quite a spectacle of nature. But one of these humpbacks took off and breached several times which left the passengers and crew totally … Read More

Another big day for humpbacks and blue whales

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Captain Mat ran out to the humpback feeding grounds and located 10 of the beasts with more in the area. A juvenile humpback breached repeatedly, and there were tail throws plus other great behaviors. Then Mat moved over to the blue whales grounds and closely followed 5 blue whales. Again there were common dolphins throughout the trip, 3,000 or more, … Read More