A GRAY whale for August, humpbacks, dolphins and more

Bob Perrycommon dolphins, Condor Express, gray whale, humpback whales, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Channel

  2015 08-04 SB Channel A moderate chop from the southwest rolled through the Santa Barbara Channel today from winds up past Conception. It was bright and sunny. There was no wind until a bit before noon. Inside the water was a bit green and murky, but out on the #whale grounds it was Santa Barbara cobalt. Captain Dave was … Read More

Whales, Dolphins, and a Mola mola too

Bob Perrybottlenose dophins, common dolphins, Condor Express, gray whale, gray whale mother and calf, Mola mola, Velella velella

  2015 04-24 SB Coast The Condor Express left the dock for two afternoon trips today:   12 noon and 3 pm.   Skies were mostly overcast with little patches of warm sun, and the ocean surface was calm but a moderate swell from the west was rolling through with short intervals. 12 noon. About a mile off the East Beach anchorage … Read More

Bottlenose Dolphins Interact with Mother Gray Whale & Calf

Bob Perrybottlenose dophins, common dolphins, Condor Express, dolphin, gray whale, gray whale mother and calf, Santa Barbara Channel

  We ran a single 2½ hour expedition today and found an amazing abundance of cetaceans and behaviors to observe. The weather ranged from zero wind and glassy surface waters to a very light breeze with rippled surface. Captain Dave took the Condor Express west from Santa Barbara Harbor. Our first cetacean of the day was a single juvenile gray … Read More

Four different cetacean species again today !

Bob Perrybottlenose dophins, common dolphins, Condor Express, gray whale, humpback whale

2015 04-05 SB Coast Captain Eric was at the helm for both trips today.   There was a fresh breeze but it only made spotting spouts easier in the sun.   Four different species of cetaceans were encountered, as follows: 9am. The Condor Express ran west and found 5 coastal bottlenose dolphins. Later, near Coal Oil Point (aka, Counter Point, because it … Read More

Waves of Gray Whales Pulse along the Coast

Bob Perrycommon dolphins, Condor Express, gray whale, gray whale migration, Santa Barbara Channel

It is fascinating to me how the gray whale migration along the Santa Barbara Coast comes in waves. Take today for example.   Captain Eric ran two trips, 12 noon and 3pm, each 2½ hours long. They were both excellent trips with wonderful sightings, and a total of 14 gray whales plus 300 or so long-beaked common dolphins were observed. On … Read More

Breaching Gray Whale Steals Show

Bob Perrycommon dolphins, Condor, gray whale

It was a drizzly overcast day, the modern southern California version of a “rain” storm, as the Condor searched for cetaceans today.   Two southbound gray whales were spotted on the afternoon trip down east near the Carpenteria Oil Pier.   The good news was that one of the #whales breached twice and it’s fan club on the Condor went wild.   One … Read More

Gray Whale Breaches 5 Times!

Bob PerryCondor, gray whale, Santa Barbara

early spring whale watching

  We searched some of the prime areas today without finding any signs of cetacean life. But towards the end of the trip, on our way back to Santa Barbara, we did get located on a southbound gray whale about 1 mile off the beach. The whale fluked up quite a bit. At first it was milling around and did … Read More