One of the twelve humpback whales goes berserk

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12 humpbacks 2,000+ common dolphins 2 sunfish (Mola mola) That cunning and veteran sea captain, Mat, steered the Condor Express right into a humpback whales haven today down east of our usual haunts. Here, says Mat, they observed a gold mine of humpback whales, and one that was a bit “berserk.” Apparently, and I say “apparently” because as usual I … Read More

Amazing humpback whale antics

Bob Perryhumpback whales, whale watching trips

The Condor Express headed out towards the eastern end of the Santa Barbara Channel to find the best humpback whale watching in Southern California today. Captain Dave discovered not one, but two pods of humpback whales. The second group was lunge feeding on anchovy schools at the surface, and this was going on all day, all around the boat. There … Read More

Huge patch of activity including humpback whales

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When humpback whales are very close, almost anyone can smell them. But it takes a seasoned veteran captain like Captain Dave to sniff-out cetaceans when they are 8 or 10 miles “out there.” After an initial contact with a humpback whale just outside Santa Barbara Harbor, Dave pushed offshore keeping the moderate chop on our bow quarter for a smoother … Read More

Superior dolphins and abundant humpback whales

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A humpback whale fluking up. Today we ran two trips, one typical whale watch but shifted to the morning 8a-1230p, and a private 2 hour charter in the afternoon. As a heads-up, tomorrow is the same schedule as today, 8a -1230p. And Saturday, we run a 1pm – 530pm afternoon adventure. Although windy conditions were forecast for the Channel, is … Read More

Humpback whales move close to shore !

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Two surface lunge feeding humpback whales 7 humpback whales 2,000 common dolphins 1 minke whale (fleeting glimpse) Well, whale lovers, it did not take Captain Mat very long to locate humpback whales today. Due to his talent for smelling out whales out of a vast Pacific Ocean, all the whales we watched closely were within a half dozen or so … Read More

Humpback whales, common dolphins and a bald eagle.

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5 humpback whales 3,000+ common dolphins 1 bald eagle Captain Mat reports ideal conditions, with sunny and calm seas. Mat’s keen eyes and whale sense prevailed againg today. The humpback sightings were nice and one breached for the fans. The common dolphins were observed all day long throughout the Channel, and the bald eagle was on Santa Cruz Island. best … Read More

Humpback whales get playful today !

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6 Humpback whales 35 Risso’s dolphins 3,000+ Common dolphins Captain Mat reported that the humpback whales were very active. There were numerous full body breaches, and several instances of kelping (whale rolls and plays in drifting giant kelp paddies on the surface). Two whales were very friendly and spent a lot of time looking at the boat and everyone on … Read More

Humpback Whales – Gluttony rules the Channel

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The every watchful and crafty Captain Mat thrilled all those on board the Condor Express today as he masterfully steered us into acres and acres of oceanic activity including humpback whales. The abundant anchovies were up on the surface and it seemed like the whole animal kingdom was there. Sooty shearwaters, a few pink footed shearwaters, brown pelicans, western gulls, … Read More

Humpback Whale goes wild!

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Captain Dave reports 5 humpback whale, 15 Risso’s dolphins, 1,500+ common dolphins. There were ideal conditions again on the Channel. But now the hit story of the day: one humpback whale breached repeatedly right next to the Condor Express for 45 minutes straight. In between its airborne antics the whale rolled around upside down and slapped one and then two … Read More