Harbor Dredge Breaks – Harbor Closed Through Friday

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Harbor Dredge Breaks – Harbor Closed Through Friday La Encina, the rusty “old reliable” harbor dredge barge had a breakdown on its first day of duty this past weekend.   While attempting to tackle the monumental volume of sand and debris that continues to keep Santa Barbara Harbor closed, the barge blew out its main power supply.  This main power unit … Read More

Harbor closure continues

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Harbor closure continues. The mouth of Santa Barbara Harbor is still filled with sand from last weekend’s storm and surge, and it remains too shallow for large boats to pass in and out.  Captain Dave reports that the harbor barge La Encina is scheduled to start pumping sand out and opening up the harbor entrance on Sunday.  This process may … Read More

A Humpback, plus Common and Bottlenose Dolphins

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  A Humpback, plus Common and Bottlenose Dolphins A sunny day with calm seas and NO FOG !!  Captain Eric found a nice surface lunge feeding humpback whale just east of Platform Hogan.  Eric describes this whales’ behavior as slowly moving from one anchovy bait ball to the next and nibbling.   This nice humpback also did a bit of rolling … Read More

3 Gray Whales

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3 Gray Whales Off Campus Point with great weather, very light breeze, sunny skies….2 northbound gray whales and later, further offshore, a single late-migrating southbounder.  It was a spectacular day and we had good looks at all three whales.  Just one trip at 12 noon today. Hope to see you soon on boardBob Perry Condor Express

5 Northbound Gray Whales and More

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5 Northbound Gray Whales and More We ran two trips today and watched a total of 5 northbound gray whales.  The first 3 whales were located out in about 300 feet of water approximately south of Hope Ranch.  Great looks were had by all.  500 or more common dolphins also entertained the humans.  Later, 2 more northbound grays were sighted … Read More

Email Whale Reports are BACK !!

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After a few weeks of technical difficulties,  I have been assured that our regular whale reports via email are now alive and well.  If you have not been getting your inbox full of cetacea, it is not your fault.  It was a glitch that took a while for our techies to track down and neutralize. I hope you continue to … Read More

3 Gray Whales and lots of Dolphins

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3 Gray Whales and lots of Dolphins A trip out towards the West End of Santa Cruz Island found the sea conditions out west a bit choppy and breezy.  Captain Dave wisely turned the Condor Express east and headed for calmer waters.  A total of 3 mighty gray whales were watched today and great looks were enjoyed by all. In … Read More

An excellent “Indian Summer” California whale watching adventure.

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humpback whales

An excellent “Indian Summer” whale watch adventure. It was hard to travel very far on the Condor Express today without dozens of pesky common dolphins coming over and doing their tricks. After all, we were headed to the northeast Santa Barbara Channel to find the big whales, and these little guys are so adorable and they were particularly beautiful to … Read More

The Humpback Whale Show is ON

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The Humpback Whale Show is ON Rope was not there today with her pal, but the friendly cow-calf was. And so were two other pairs of humpback whales, making a total of 6 seen today by the Condor Express. And with that many humpback whales around, it was not long before a good sampling of their behavioral repertoire was enjoyed … Read More

Wild humpback whales mug Condor Express for an hour

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Wild humpback whales mug Condor Express for an hour Captain Dave reports “the best friendly whale encounter” he can remember on the Condor Express. The Fall humpback whale season in the northeastern Channel looks like it’s getting started with a bang. You may recall that yesterday we saw three humpback whales, that friendly cow-calf pair and a third whale. Today … Read More