The bait is here and today the Minke whales took it.

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The bait is here and today the Minke whales took it. The west Channel is blowing pretty hard and although down east there is hardly any wind, the sea surface did have a little residual chop coming down from the west. It was fabulously sunny and clear all day. Due to the west Channel winds and slightly bumpy surface, we … Read More

8 Humpbacks Whales + 1 Blue Whale = Fun for All

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The old sea captain Mat amazed all on board the Condor Express today with his “whaledar” (internal whale locating radar). Mat steered the boat into a platoon of 8 actively surface feeding humpbacks, which in itself is quite a spectacle of nature. But one of these humpbacks took off and breached several times which left the passengers and crew totally … Read More

RIP Captain Fred Benko

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Captain Fred Friends, It is with great sadness that the crew of the Condor Express passes along the news that Captain Fred Benko died peacefully in his sleep early this morning. His wife Hiroko was at his side. Fred was the founder, owner and operator of the Condor Express, and was a pioneer in the realm of local sportfishing and … Read More

4 Gray Whales on a semi-foggy day

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The rain ended early, so we ran out with a good number of hearty passengers to find a foggy crossing in the Channel. Once at the islands, the fog cleared a bit and we had the good fortune of following 4 gray whales. The other good thing: when it’s foggy, it usually brings calm seas. Bob Perry

First gray whale calf of the season !!

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Scorecard: 8 gray whales Six southbound gray whales formed a tight formation right outside Santa Barbara Harbor. We followed them for a while and they were cooperative as well as predictable. Many fluked up on their deeper dives. Great sea conditions, warm air and good spout-worthy visibility. Out near the Channel Islands we encountered a mother with her nearly newborn … Read More

The weekend fantastic weather and whale parade continues.

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summary: 12 gray whales 500 common dolphins 500 sea lions Again we had flat, calm seas, sunny clear skies and outstanding sightings. This has been an amazing weekend and mid-winter mini-heat wave. I hope you can join us tomorrow for our special Monday, MLK Day whale watch trip as we hope to keep our weekend streak alive. Bob Perry

Massive quantities of gray whales

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summary: 20 gray whales + 3 common dolphins 500 sea lions+ Flat. Sunny. Not much breeze. No swell. Clear skies. Great panoramic visibility. All this and massive numbers of gray whales migrating south today. Among the 20+ whales was a big pod of 11 that stuck tightly together, had short down times, and no clear direction of travel. It was … Read More