T–E–N Gray Whale mothers and calves. Oh, my God !!

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The Condor ran two trips (9am and 3pm), and had TEN cow-calf gray whale pairs….that’s TWENTY gray whales, in case you think otherwise. Captain Dave Beezer could hardly contain his jubilance today when he reported the sightings. Furthermore, Dave says the little calves were going bananas, spyhopping, rolling around, climbing on top of mom’s back, and generally acting like a … Read More

One great trip with 3 pairs of gray whales….and dolphins too.

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The Condor rolled out on its noon adventure to find calm seas and sunny skies and it wasn’t long before she had 3 gray whales cow-calf pairs with great looks at all six whales. Along the way Captain Dave also reports being mugged by about 15 inshore bottlenose dolphins. Wow! Tomorrow the Condor sails at 9am and again at 3pm. … Read More

You won’t believe this report – five gray whale cow-calf pairs.

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During this 2 1/2 hour trip the Condor watched no less than FIVE gray whale cow-calf pairs…that’s ten whales!Deck and galley person Brooke reports from the Condor that only one trip (12noon) ran today. But by then the fog had cleared to sunny skies and dead flat calm seas. And one of the youngsters breached repeatedly for the fans. I … Read More

Seven northbound gray whales make for an epic adventure.

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A total of seven northbound gray whales were closely followed and numerous others were in the area. Bright warm sun and a glassy ocean with small swells in the morning that pretty much died out to calm seas by the afternoon. Our seven included 3 separate cow-calf pairs and one extremely friendly juvenile, perhaps a yearling or second year whale. … Read More

Gray whale migration still on the move plus common dolphins run amok!

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The latest on the gray whale migration. Three gray whales were observed in the gray whale migration back to their feeding grounds in Alaska today, but the real fun was the dolphin show. Approximately 1500 common dolphins were seen engaged in feeding behavior which included leaping, jumping, slashing upside down through the water and driving the little bait fish crazy. … Read More