Cetacean sightings were fantastic.

Bob Perrycommon dolphins, Condor Express, gray whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins

Pacific white-sided dolphin.

2017 03-24 SB Coast

The Condor Express ran two trips today with very nice sea conditions and good weather.  10 gray whales, 100 long-beaked common dolphins, 25 Pacific white-sided dolphins and a lot of California sea lions were observed in total.  Cetacean sightings were fantastic.

Right away our first 2 gray whales were spotted just off Leadbetter Beach.  They gave good looks but were a little bit shy.  Soon an additional 2 gray whales popped up just west of the first sighting.  The second pair moved at a steady pace and showed their tail flukes often.  Later about 100 common dolphins found the boat in clear water off UCSB and it was spectacular.

One gray whale got the trip rolling as it was located off the old lighthouse.  A bit further offshore 25 white-sided dolphins found the boat off Hendry’s and again the water was clear.  A California sea lion was in the middle of the dolphin pod and went everywhere the dolphins went.  Next we followed 2 more gray whales but soon the white-sided dolphins came back.  This time there was a school of anchovies in the water and we were able to watch the dolphins feed under the clear water.  Captain Dave took the Condor a few miles offshore for the trip back home.  Along the way a trio of gray whales gave good looks.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express