Condor Express Whale Watching Trips Suspended Due To Wheelhouse Fire

Bob PerryCondor Express, News, Santa Barbara

An osprey, perched atop a nearby masthead, keeps a watchful eye on the Condor Express clean up operations today.

A tourist passer-by, who happened to be an off duty San Francisco firefighter, saw the blaze and smoke and grabbed a fire hose from Sea Landing and put out most of the fire before the Harbor Patrol and SB City Fire arrived to finish the job. The fire was confined to the wheelhouse area, as you can see by the online photographs linked above. It might have been far worse if this brave and quick-acting firefighter had not come along to save the day. A new wheelhouse will be made from the original blueprints to replace old. All new nav instruments will replace the old. The Condor Express will sail again soon. Stay tuned for future updates.


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