Whale Watching Guarantee

Whale Watch GuaranteeWe are excited for you to have a great whale watching experience at Condor Express Whale Watching. We are so confident you will see animals on your trip that we offer a Whale Watch Guarantee. We are one of the only whale watching companies that offer this guarantee. On the majority of our whale watching trips we see whales. On others, we may have sightings of dolphins, porpoises, Orcas (killer whales), basking sharks or other animals. We will give you plenty of time to watch them. Sometimes due to weather, or the unpredictability of the animals themselves, we are “skunked”. If we don’t see whales or have sightings of other marine animals, the Captain will issue “whale checks”. Whale checks are good for a free trip of your choice on another Condor Express Whale Watching trip during the season.

Whale Checks are issued at the discretion of the Captain of the Condor Express. If you don’t see whales or have an opportunity to see other marine wildlife, ask the Captain of the Condor Express, not Sea Landing, for a Whale Check. Sorry, there are no cash refunds for whale watching trips, but we’ll be happy to take you on another whale watching trip for free.