El Niño and Whales

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Pacific white-sided dolphin


Regular readers of our sightings reports may be wondering why there has been a lack of posts so far in 2016.  The new year has begun with a series of long-awaited El Niño related storms.   Each of these storms has generated very large ocean swells and strong winds.   Not exactly ideal wildlife watching conditions.  So it is that the Condor Express has not been able to leave the dock and take advantage of the wonderful overlap of local humpback whale populations, large numbers of southbound migrating gray whales, and, of course, our several wonderful species of dolphins.

The good news is that ocean conditions have calmed and tomorrow, Sunday, January 10th, looks like it will be a spectacular day out on the Santa Barbara Channel.   Additional wet weather is predicted for later in the week, and we shall see if forecasts are true.  But Sunday appears to be a very nice window of opportunity to enjoy calm seas, sunny skies and wildlife.   I hope to see you all on board tomorrow.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express