Very friendly fin whale. Photo by Captain Eric, Condor Express.

Fin whales continue

2018 01-06 SB Channel – Captain Eric was large and in charge, but second Captain Tasha ran most of the trip today.  Fog was so dense you could not see the bow until we hit The Lanes.  The wind kicked up and blew the fog away but made the ocean surface moderately choppy south of The Lanes.  How does the crew of the Condor Express do it?  Dense fog and they still have an epic encounter with 4 beastly fin whales and 50 long-beaked common dolphins.

By the way, the fin whales were very friendly again (as you can see by Captain Eric’s iPhone photograph which I attached).  They were also oblivious to the boat and seemed pre-occupied by courtship or other social behaviors that included rolling around on top of each other.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express