Four gray whales today

Bob Perrygray whale mother and calf, gray whales

Two gray whales

2018 04-24 SB Coast

Captain Tasha ran a single, 12 noon, trip along the coast today under thin high clouds.  Seas were calm and glassy.  Totals for the trip were 4 gray whales.

Just outside the harbor entrance buoy a mother gray whale and her very young calf.  We tagged along behind the pair at a safe distance and followed them to the Lighthouse.  At the Lighthouse, a pair of juvenile whales was encountered and these were moving slow along the coast.  We followed the second pair to Hendry’s Beach.  Tasha took a loop outside to look for additional species and it was a great, calm ride with good views of the beautiful Santa Barbara coastline.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
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