Friendly and Active Gray Whales plus Dolphins

Bob Perrycommon dolphins, Condor Express, gray whale migration, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Santa Barbara Channel

2015 03-29 SB Coast

Captain Dave and the crew of the Condor Express ran two trips today, 9am and 12 noon. Although the morning trip had some light fog at the beginning, it cleared out fast and the rest of the day was fantastic. Great #whale and #dolphin sightings were had on both excursions.

The morning adventure featured 3 northbound gray whales and we followed them west to Goleta Bay. In the Bay one of the whales made a bee-line to the Condor Express, and slowly drifted alongside in the kelp and clear water and gave everyone on board an amazing look at the whole body of this beast. Later in the trip we encountered about 30 Pacific white-sided dolphins and they ran along with the boat for a long time.

The afternoon expedition encountered 3 different gray whales right outside Santa Barbara Harbor. Two of the whales breached ! Wow !   Later we ran alongside at least 300 long-beaked common dolphins to round out another magnificent day in the Santa Barbara Channel.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express