Good amounts of humpbacks and common dolphins.

Bob Perrywhale watching california

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2019 08-01 SB Channel 

Skies were sunny all day. The sea surface started out calm, with a little bit of a swell, but ended up quite windy towards the end of the trip on our way home. Of course with the wind behind us, the ride home was smooth. Sightings for the day included 8 humpback whales, and 2000+ long-beaked common dolphins.

All the action today was 6 to 8 miles southwest of Holly. This is where the humpbacks were located, with a group of five in another group of three, to get things started. Later the whales  split up and moved around a bit, but stayed relatively close within the area. Feeding was subsurface today, but there were behaviors such as several close and friendly passes by the boat, and one breach in the distance. The white-tailed whale named “Snowflake” was in the mix.

Dolphins were abundant and everywhere. Several pods of 500 individuals or more, as well as lots of smaller pods, were seen by all. Most were actively moving around and feeding… no lallygagging or leisure activities today!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
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