Gray Whale Breaches 5 Times!

Bob PerryCondor, gray whale, Santa Barbara

early spring whale watching
One of 5 breaches by a single gray whale today.


We searched some of the prime areas today without finding any signs of cetacean life. But towards the end of the trip, on our way back to Santa Barbara, we did get located on a southbound gray whale about 1 mile off the beach. The whale fluked up quite a bit. At first it was milling around and did not seem to be going any particular direction. Next it breached 5 times, much to the delight of every human being on the Condor.  Lastly the whale picked up speed and got back on its migratory route. What a great performance!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express


P.S.     I’ll get the photos from today’s trip online in the morning.