Gray whale calves, 13+ humpbacks, common and bottlenose dolphins.

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Our friend Scarlet the humpback whale

2019 04-24 SB Coast 

Two trips left today, one at 9 AM the other at 12 noon. Conditions were somewhat foggy but got better as the day went along. Totals for the trip included: 4 gray whales, 20 coastal bottlenose dolphins, 13+ humpback whales, and a 25 long-beaked common dolphins. Sightings today were phenomenal.

On the morning trip we headed up the coast and immediately found 2 gray whales. As we are in the middle of the cow calf migration, it’s not surprising that both of our sightings today, one in the morning one in the afternoon, we’re mother gray whales with their practically newborn calves. Great stuff. The pair we found in the morning was located off Hendrys Beach and we followed them up to Goleta Bay. At that point we moved out to a location about 4 miles off of UCSB. On the way, a small group of about 25 common dolphins located us and played in our boat wake. Not long thereafter, we spotted our first humpback whale, followed by a pair of humpbacks. There were many more spouts in the area. We headed east a little ways a followed 2 more humpbacks, and finally, on the way home, there were two more humpies. One of them was our friend Scarlet.

On the afternoon trip we headed up the coast once again and this time he found a large herd of coastal bottlenose dolphins off of Lighthouse Point. They were very friendly and had at least five calves in the mix. Just a short while later we had two more gray whales and once again it was a mother with her calf. Moving outside, We located six additional humpback whales with many more in the area. First it was a pair, then it was a group of four.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry

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