T–E–N Gray Whale mothers and calves. Oh, my God !!

The Condor ran two trips (9am and 3pm), and had TEN cow-calf gray whale pairs….that’s TWENTY gray whales, in case you think otherwise. Captain Dave Beezer could hardly contain his jubilance today when he reported the sightings. Furthermore, Dave says the little calves were going bananas, spyhopping, rolling around, climbing on top of mom’s back, and generally acting like a newborn gray whale on a beautiful sunny day in Santa Barbara.

Oh, and to top it off, there were at least 20 inshore bottlenose dolphins on the morning trip. A closed charter to see the natural oil seeps was run at 12 noon, and Dave reports the seeps are doing just fine. That’s a relief!

We are nearing the end of the stunning gray whale season, and there are not too many more days that we might possibly see mothers and calves right along the beach in our own backyard. You may want to get out there this weekend while thing are still hot. If you are out on Sunday, I’ll see you on board.

My hands are shaking as I type this…

Bob Perry
Condor Express