Gray Whales & Orcas in Santa Barbara

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the count:
4 killer whales
5 gray whales
2,000 common dolphins
scads of sea lions -1

Hard to imagine sea conditions being any better than yesterday, but if yesterday was a “10,” today was a 10+. Drop dead gorgeous sunny clear skies. No wind. The ocean surface was oily mill pond flat glass. And the mammals were there to enjoy the day with us. There were 5 gray whale closely followed, with other spouts seen in the distance. A gigantic mega-pod of 2,000+ common dolphins was a spectacular sight on the blue water with brilliant sun. After our tour of Santa Cruz Island, we headed home to be on time at the dock, but fate had other things in store for us today. Perhaps 20 or 25 minutes out from the harbor there were 4 orcas in Santa Barbara (Orcinus orca). They had a sea lion and were playing with it like a beach ball, as they are know to do. It was one large male and 3 females, and all four came very close to the boat to see the passengers, lob their tails and otherwise steal the show. Wow!


We’ll be running all 3-days this holiday weekend and the weather is supposed to hold.

Bob Perry
Condor Express