Great conditions and fantastic sightings today

Bob Perrycommon dolphins, Condor Express, humpback whale, humpback whale mother and calf, mako shark, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Channel, Santa Cruz Island

We had a great look at a Mako shark like this one cruising along on the glassy surface today.

2017 05-25 SB Channel

A fabulous glassy, calm day led to the following sightings:  1 Mako shark, 3 humpback whales and 2,200 long-beaked common dolphins.  There were great conditions and fantastic sightings today.

The “show” started just a few miles south of Santa Barbara Harbor.  Captain Dave and the crew of the Condor Express were approached by the first of countless groups of dolphins that stretched across the whole Santa Barbara Channel as far as The Lanes.  Most groups were actively feeding upside-down and showing their bellies as loads of small northern anchovies breached the calm surface as they fled for their lives.

Continuing on a southerly track, it was not long before the first two humpback whales appeared on the scene.  It was a mother and her calf and they, too, were moving south towards Santa Cruz Island.  The calf (no surprise) was quite active and rolled around a lot plus slapped its tail a few times.  We parted ways about 1 ½ miles off the island.  After a short look at the area around Fry’s Harbor, where the rock for Santa Barbara harbor breakwater was taken, Dave got back into The Lanes and headed to the eastern end of the island.  Along the way he intercepted a third humpback whale and couple hundred additional dolphins.

On the way home a single, small Mako shark was spotted finning on the surface.  Dave maneuvered the boat to keep the glare from the filtered sun on the mirror ocean surface to a minimum, and great looks were had by all.


You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express