Great looks at a friendly fin plus loads of dolphins.

Bob Perrywhale watching california

A very friendly fin whale in the Santa Barbara Channel.

2020 11-14 Santa Cruz Isl

Captain Dave reported very clear blue skies and bright sun all day as he took the Condor Express across the Santa Barbara Channel towards Santa Cruz Island. Seas were a bit bumpy due to a moderate wind. Sightings included 1 fin whale and 800 long-beaked common dolphins.

North of The Lanes a wonderful megapod of dolphins located the boat. The herd was stretched out along a mile-long line, and was highly animated. Their visits to the boat were numerous and included bow, side and stern wave riding.

North of The Cave a medium-sized fin whale came across our path. It was shy at first then gave us a couple of wonderful and close surface intervals including a circular swim that ended up right next to our hull.

The last stop on the route was a visit to the world-famous Painted Cave, the longest such cave in the world.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry
Condor Express, and