Humpback and dolphins beyond Anacapa Island

Bob Perrycommon dolphins, Condor Express, humpback whale

A close look at a humpback whale close to the Condor Express and found east of Anacapa Island.

2018 08-05 SB Channel – Far East

Captain Tasha and her crew took the Condor Express to the east, and technically beyond the eastern boundary of the “Santa Barbara Channel.”  Tasha left Arch Rock on East Anacapa Island in her wake during the quest for cetaceans.  Skies started out overcast and became sunny later.  Seas were calm all day.  Sightings for the day included 400 long-beaked common dolphins and 1 humpback whale.

On the ride out to the southeast, and then again on the trip home, several nice groups of dolphins located the Condor Express and rode along with us as they did a little human-watching.  This is always such a treat.

Dolphins were also found in the same area as the humpback whale which we enjoyed watching.  The whale was moving steadily south and spent the majority of its time up (and visible) on the surface.  It was a large whale with some white frosting on its dorsal fin and a white tail.  It also “got friendly” and made a couple of very close approaches to the Condor.  It was a rare treat to travel east of Anacapa Island for our cetaceans today.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
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