Humpback breaches in the wind

Bob Perrycommon dolphins, humpback whale watching, offshore bottlenose dolphins, Santa Barbara Channel

2015 09-04 SB Channel

Dave , his crew and all our whale watchers had another epic day in the Santa Barbara Channel as they watched at least 19 humpback whales, 900 long-beaked common dolphins and over 100 offshore bottlenose dolphins. It was a nice day with a moderate breeze and this may have gotten some of the humpbacks a bit fired-up. There were several dozen breaches from one particularly active whale, along with tail-throws, chin-slaps and long pectoral flipper slapping too.  There is little to compare when a humpback breaches in the wind.  There was even a bit of rolling around…all this is clear Santa Barbara cobalt water.

Dave made his usual presentation about Santa Cruz Island and we visited the world-famous Painted Cave.   One quick look at an unidentified shark on the surface took place during an early trip whale encounter.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express