Humpback whale antics thrill everyone again

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Captain Eric reports ideal conditions today, although there was a small 3 foot swell, but with no wind on top of the swell it was great for whale watching. Whereas yesterday we had the monster anchovy schools on the surface with lots of surface feeding, today was more like a play day for the humpback whales. There were 8 humpback whales watched closely with many more in the immediate area. Our old pal “Rope” was there, as was the young one we nicknamed “Rope Junior” this week. Rope herself came up very very close to the Condor Express for a look at the humans. Among the other 7 humpbacks there were all sorts of humpback whale behaviors such as spyhops, tail throws, pectoral fin slaps, and TAH DAH! a breach that was about 10 yards away from the Condor Express that sent spray on to the lower deck. Wow!

Approximately 350 common dolphins and 2 Minke whales rounded out the sightings tally.

Reminder: we do not run trips on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday’s weather outlook is positive.

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