Humpback Whale Behavioral Repertoire Goes Ballistic

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Humpback Whale Show a Treat

While I was stuck behind my desk at work, Captain Dave and the crew were out there enjoying the fine sunny weather and calm seas. A total of 7 humpback show-stoppers were watched today, including a very friendly mother and calf that approached the boat quite closely several times. The instigator for all the action seemed to be the calf. It rolled around, lobbed its tail, slapped its chin and breached a few times….towards the start of the whale watch. Later, a whale the crew calls “Hook” due to its can-opener like curved dorsal fin, joined the mother and calf, and began breaching. Yet another regular whale with a prop scar repeatedly breached on one side of the Condor Express, while “junior” the calf did the same on the other side of the boat. Passengers earned aerobic workout credits as they moved back and forth, side to side, to keep up with the dynamic duo.

The day was also full of common dolphins, and Dave estimated at least 2,000 of these little cetaceans were observed all day long. A couple of Minke whales also passed by without much fan fair.

The boat is down for Thanksgiving, but will run Fri, Sat and Sun.
Hope to see you out there, and have a
great holiday weekend too!

Bob Perry
Condor Express