Humpback Whales and Blue Whale Watching… Hello, it’s FEBRUARY!

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Three humpback whales and a blue whale sighted

Whale Watching Report
February 10, 2013

3 humpback whales
1 blue whale
15+ Dall’s porpoise
2 rehabilitated California sea lions released

Captain Mat tracked down 3 humpback whales and 1 blue whale in the Santa Barbara Channel today, as well as 15 Dall’s porpoise. Blue whale watching is very unusual this time of the year. We also had some special guests aboard the Condor today: 2 rehabilitated California sea lions were released back into the wild after being nutured at CIMWI (Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute). The winds died down today and so did the sea conditions. The sun was out and a great time was had by all.

Note: starting next Saturday, Feb 16, the Condor Express will make the seasonal change over in schedule, departing three times daily.

Three 2 1/2 hour trips each day.
Depart 9 am – Return 11:30
Depart Noon – Return 2:30 pm
Depart 3 pm – Return 5:30 pm
Adult: $50 | Child: $30 (Ages 5 – 12)

For information on reservations, visit the or call Sea Landing at (805) 882 0088.

See you out there!
Bob Perry
Condor Express Photographer