Humpbacks and dolphins a-plenty with a fresh breeze blowing.

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Humpback whale spouting into the breeze. Santa Barbara Channel.

2021 10-09 SB Channel

Skies were clear, sunny and bright due to a fresh breeze. Seas were moderately rough accordingly. Nonetheless, Captain Dave and his “eyes-like-an-osprey” crew notched 3 humpback whales and over 5000 long-beaked common dolphins today.

The first many hundred dolphins located the Condor Express inside the northbound commercial shipping lane. Three individual humpback whales were also in the mix. Wind does wonderful things to the mighty humpback spout. (See today’s photo). A 277m x 40.04 m container cargo ship, President Wilson, on its way to dock in Oakland at 2am tomorrow from LA Harbor, was heading towards the whales (and us). The Captain of the ship changed course after a radio conversation with the Condor Express. That’s saying a lot given these huge vessels don’t exactly turn on a dime! Kudos to this container ship’s skipper (and Dave).

Later, northwest of the NOAA East Channel Buoy, Dave slowed the boat to enjoy some inter species interaction with a huge mega pod of dolphins. It is always fun to see them leaping over the waves when seas are running.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express, and

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