Humpbacks, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins

Bob Perrywhale watching california

Offshore bottlenose dolphins in the Santa Barbara Channel - seen spouting together.

2020 06-04 SB Channel

Two trips left the SEA Landing today, one at 9am and the other at noon. Skies were grey from an all-day high stratus layer.  Seas were fairly calm and light winds prevailed.  Total sightings for the day included 2 humpback whales, 1500 long-beaked common dolphins and 20 offshore bottlenose dolphins.

The morning excursion features a large group of common dolphins located just a few miles out from Santa Barbara Harbor. After some nice interactions we moved further south and encountered a single large humpback whale moving east.

In the afternoon we steered more of a southwesterly course and about 3 miles out a long line of common dolphins located the Condor Express. Great looks and interactions were had.  After a drive out to The Lanes for survey purposes we had another humpback encounter.  This time the beast was moving west.  On the way home a medium sized pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins ran along with us and demonstrated their signature aerial behaviors.  This sighting capped off a wonderful day in the Channel.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express, and