Humpbacks, dolphins and a Minke whale

Bob Perrywhale watching california

Humpback whale with dolphin “escort.”

2019 06–17 SB Channel

Captain Colton reports extremely glassy ocean conditions today along with high clouds. Sightings included 5+ humpback whales, 1000 long-beaked common dolphins, and one Minke whale.

The whales and dolphins were found in groups mostly located in the middle of the commercial shipping lanes. Not an ideal place for whales or whale watchers! Luckily there was not a lot of big ship traffic, but at one point we did have to wait and go behind a cargo ship to find three whales of the many that we watched.

Among the whales that we watched there was one mother humpback with a calf, another adult humpback with a pure white tail, and then lots of sub adults. Colton even took a nice tour along the middle section of Santa Cruz Island and found yet another humpback whale in a pod of dolphins.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry
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