The world famous Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island.

Humpbacks, dolphins and The Cave

2019 06-06 SB Channel 

Two separate humpback whales and 400 long-beaked common dolphins were spotted today during a trip that ran across the entire Channel. Skies were partly sunny and seas were nice.

The two individual whales were located just 4 miles from the beach on our way across. We stopped and had great looks at them. Both were juveniles and very intent on catching a few breaths and then spending quite a bit a time (probably feeding) beneath the surface. A nice sized herd of dolphins came by the area and we got to watch them too.

During the rest of the trip we took a leisurely voyage across to Santa Cruz Island. Here we toured the majestic sea cliffs and the northern face of this island including a nice look inside the worlds longest sea cave… The Painted Cave.

You never know what Mother Nature has a store.

Bob Perry
Condor Express, and