Humpbacks in the wind: what a show! …dolphins too!

Bob Perrywhale watching california

A humpback whale slaps its long pectoral flippers on the water...similar to one of our sightings today!

2019 10-16 SB Channel

A private/corporate whale watching charter saw over 1000 long-beaked common dolphins and 2 very active humpback whales.  Skies were overcast and there was a moderate breeze, especially out in The Lanes where some of the action was located.

Common dolphins were spread out everywhere and per usual loving the wind and associated waves.  Our first whale sighting was in the southbound Lane with a single humpback and a few hundred dolphins in the area.  The whale breached multiple times then proceeded to throw its monstrous tail around.  Action!  Drama!

Turning to the northeast to find some shelter from the breeze, Captain Dave and his crew located a second whale about 10  miles offshore. This one also threw its tail multiple times, then rolled over on its back and repeatedly slapped its pectoral flippers.

It was a windy day but well worth the adventure.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express, and